It was a celebration today at the inauguration of the Steve Jobs Theater in the new Apple Park, also marking the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, and the launch of some brand new products. The most remarkable of which is the all-new iPhone X, slated for release later this month.

As expected, new 4.7" iPhone 8 and 5.5" iPhone 8 Plus models have been launched alongside the more expensive and new flagship X. iPhone 8 devices are closer in size and design to previous generation handsets, the Home button with top and bottom bezels are there, the 3.5mm headphone jack is not, showing a simple evolution of the same formula Apple has been using the past few years.

And while the phones might look identical to its predecessors from a short distance, note the back of the phones are now glass and inside there are marked feature improvements some of which are inherited from Apple's work in the iPhone X.

Three key new features: Qi wireless charging, a new higher quality camera offering, and a faster Apple A11 "Bionic" SoC.

New for the iPhone 8 is a camera body that has glass on the front and back, revised antenna lines that are less visible and slightly different color options: silver, space gray, and gold.

The new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will become available for pre-order September 15, start shipping on September 22, for $699 and $799 unlocked, respectively. Carriers are expected to be offering them with plans at the usual $100-200 price points as well.