Per a post on Facebook Media , the company is now exploring ways to strengthen its ties with the news industry. The post says that it will be seeking new ways to tie up with news organisations to find ways to spread knowledge to readers.
The initiative is called The Facebook Journalism Project and as per the post, the project will be a three-pronged approach. Facebook will be actively seeking out collaborations with partners to develop products specifically for news, these include working on New Storytelling formats for news which includes evolving formats already present like Live 360 and Instant Articles. Facebook will also be looking at ways to implement Region Specific Local News into their News Feed while also working on new Business models.

Besides integrating new Storytelling ideas and business models, Facebook will also look to work closely with journalists to build new tools for them. Facebook has decided to make CrowdTangle, a news analytics tool, free for its partners. The post also mentions new options for page administrators: “Today, we’re launching the ability for Page administrators to designate specific journalists as contributors, giving them the ability to go live on behalf of the Page, a change designed to make such reporting more flexible for newsrooms. In the future, we also want to bring to Profiles all the flexibility that the Live API provides to Pages, so journalists can use their professional equipment to go live. And, we’re now going to offer journalists a simple way to see how their public videos are performing on their Facebook profiles.”

Besides these, Facebook will also be working with the News Literacy Project , an organisation that looks to empower people with News Literacy on a news Public Service Campaign. Facebook has also stated that it is working closely with third party fact checking organisations to identify and curb hoaxes on Facebook. You can read the post here .